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Resulting from my quarantine boredom, I initially learned how to ice dye for fun. It was a project that became an idea for a business once I started making various color combinations. Each unique design inspired a different name, which I would use to sell the clothing in a "made-to-order" fashion. After developing a logo and brand language, I created a functional website. With little success primarily advertising to friends off Instagram, I decided against spending money on marketing and uploaded things to Etsy. I learned to use SEO and marketing tactics that catapulted my small business into success. I believe that though this helped me tremendously, it was more so the loyalty and my relationship with customers, and my creative vision that others visually enjoyed.


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logo/brand design

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Starting a business that became successful with multiple orders a day resulted from a creative vision and a desire to become profitable. I learned SEO & marketing tactics to retain customers and grow my 5 star business. I developed a system to create and fulfill orders successfully, and shared listings with detail to encapsulate the product in it's best form. This drew visitors to my site and I created relationships as well as customer loyalty within my brand. 

*Note: as of now, the business is no longer live and has shut down temporarily (due to moving and resources)

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