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Role: UI/UX Designer
Company: First Principles Publishing [Startup, ValueGlance]
Industry: Finance
Duration: Jan 2024 - Current

The mission of this product is to make the investing journey easy and accessible for everyone, especially those who lack a financial background. The tool is formulated around the ideas in the founders book, "Stop Checking the Price," giving users a tangible database to test, filter, and keep track of stocks through expert strategic metrics and intuitive design. 

My role as a Ui/Ux designer involved collaborating with product teammates, marketing, and front-end developers to proactively scope and present new ideas to improve our features. I took leadership on developing a logo, and branding elements and content for social media and marketing purposes. I created the Landing page and affiliate landing page, as well as helping with feature ideation using user flows, wireframes, prototypes, & mockups; conducting user research and usability testing for continuous improvements.

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Logo Ideation and Branding

My favorite thing about logo design is when letters are incorporated with elements of a brand - in our case, anything “stock market / investing” related. I designed the logos around the use of a magnifying glass, stock symbols, arrows, geometric forms, etc. 

Artboard 2_4x.png
Artboard 3 copy_4x.png


As a member of the product team, my responsibilities included:  

  • Developing a landing page & affiliate landing page.

  • Developing Logo and branding elements (including social templates and graphic designs for social media) consistent to design goals and guidelines.

  • Collaborating with product and engineering teammates to proactively scope and present new ideas to improve our features which included: data visualization, screener, watchlist and dashboard design.

  • Translating complex finance concepts into simple, intuitive designs through the use of user flows, wireframes, prototypes, & mockups while conducting user research and usability testing for continuous improvements.


Social Media Design

As a member of the marketing team, my responsibilities included:  

  • Working directly under the marketing director to create social media content aligning with brand standards and personality. This included the instagram stories, homepage banners, emails, and other branded assets. I helped execute creative projects from concept to completion, revising with feedback within project management deadlines.

  • Using Adobe Illustrator, Canva, and Figma to produce branded content for social medias.

  • Collaborating with marketing teammates to help fill content for instagram*

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