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In my process, I first determined the general theme and goal. It helped to compose a brand and its overall statement, as I decided who I was designing for. 

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For an app like this, I envisioned a logo that portrays the dreamy adventure one creates in their mind for the next trip they take. The quest to bring this fantasy to reality is made easy by an app that feels clean, modern, and curious.


Key Findings = Intuitive Explore Page, Organized Itinerary, Findable Activities, Stays, etc. 

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Give user some relevant suggestions based on search; Sort based on popularity (likes/views)

Search + Discover
Top carousel navigation (similar to yelp) filtering options, (like and save)

Organize Itinerary
Visually organize trips and list in order, easily editable and intuitive





<similarly to Instagram "explore" page, the user will explore activities and places based on their info (demographic, search history etc,) to best recommend places and promote engagement. Users posts that aquire more likes and views will be featured- giving them the opportunity to grow on this platform.>


I drew up a generalized <Site Map> to determine key elements that were necessary to incorporate in the app- featuring elements of various other apps that I pulled inspiration from.  

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Frame 1.png

Medium Fidelity <wireframes> with annotations of design choices and elements 

High Fidelity <wireframes> and finalized concepts as a <prototype> 

HIgh Fidelity.png
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