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Trader joe's

an app? the store is the brand.

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As an avid trader joe’s shopper myself, it surprises me that in 2023,
there is still no app for this one-of-a-kind grocery store.

Or maybe it doesn’t surprise me.

The term grocery store undermines the actual experience that is: Trader Joes. This simple company has created their user experience about going inside, walking through the aisles and connecting to your neighborhood. Because of this, creating an “online ordering” app would take away from the whole premise of TJ, the store being the entire brand itself.

So, could there be an app that doesn’t totally replace the shopping experience, but actually enhances it? Perhaps with other inclusive features?

When creating a product for a company, it’s not only crucial to think about the user, but also the company itself. 


Create an app for local, loyal shoppers of TJ that aligns with the values of maintaining a personal, unique, and old-school user experience.


friendly. simple. quality. warm. old-school. value.

[user research]


 Ethical consumer 






Who is the target user? 
>>Majority: A younger, married, college-educated person earning over $80,000
{via: business insider}
>>Gen Z: The largest demographic, younger tech-savvy individuals who have likely been influenced by the "trader joe's date night" trend


User Persona
Jackson 28, Gabby 25
Location: Ann Arbor, MI

Occupation: Dentists at Local Clinic
Income: >80k 

"We enjoy our TJ date nights on Thursdays. It can  be hard to decide what to make, so many options!" 


easy to make meals

fun activity as a shopping experience

ethically sourced, sustainably conscious food

friendly shopping experience.







lack of cooking knowledge/ recipes

overwhelmed with unfamiliar grocery items

lack of easily accessible information (ie. products, their ingredients)

busy, stressful environment in-store.

no available options for shopping as an immunocompromised  

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