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MI Portfolio Website Design


When we think of User Experience Design, it's easy to think about the big picture...

But zoom into the pixels and pieces that make up an interface, and there's a lot of elements that go into designing an aesthetic and intuitive experience.  
I believe that even the building blocks of beautiful things themselves have an artistic element to them.
I find this true in the world around us.
The design of smaller building blocks of this world have an uncanny similarity to the biggest parts: like the structure of our brain to the universe, the solar system to an atom.

I chose to use aesthetics of these "building block" elements that form a blueprint for an interface. Art is everywhere, within the things we use to create art.  
As a Ui/Ux designer, you may see my work as the big pretty picture that users interact with, but the theme of my portfolio is aiming to emulate the design within design. 



mi-01-01 [Recovered]-01.png

Creating your own website portfolio is an opportunity to show personality and have fun. There's no other brand language to follow besides your own- so I went with a cool, dynamic color set that can work well with my theme.
Blue is a color that is favored by the general majority. This bright neon blue I chose was a fun, dynamic version of this, paired with an analogous secondary (green) to create a calm, unified, and visually interesting scheme. The off-white cream and black are ideal to use for text and background.


mi-01-01 [Recovered]-01.png

lulo clean

Azeret Mono 

The dynamic personality of "geometrique" was ideal to use for my main logo (of my initials). It made sense to use the brackets to form the "I." To utilize that same theme and aesthetics of coding, Azeret Mono fit well to carry this out as body text. Lulo Clean paired as a similar shaped font, contrasting in the clean, sans-serif boldness of lettering.  

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