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Art inspired by music

graphic design - logo design

earlier projects


An exploration of logos for Campus Tees - Created several variations of possible designs using Adobe Illustrator
*more logo design found on 'DripDyedbyMalina' tab*


A series of design projects and concepts executed through modeling.

Packaging and storing spherical shapes take on its own challenge, while simple removal and neat form is another.

My solution allowed for the balls to be easily removed by bending, and easily stored for later use. It can fit an unlimited amount, while keeping a neat cylindrical form.

ping pong packaging

earlier id projects

A lamp was created by a series of repeating shapes vertically stacked.

The shape I wanted to mimic was the lightbulb, being the source and foundation of what we know of a lamp or light. 

The light at the bottom is a motion sensor, placing a hand over will activate. The overall design had some unsuccess when carrying light throughout because of open gap.

id sketches

Light bulb lamp


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